Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

ROC (Restoring our Communities)

Purpose: ROC is WISDOM’s state-wide campaign to decrease Wisconsin’s prison population. It is a challenge from the faith community to all the people of the State of Wisconsin so that we might all have safer, healthier, less wasteful, and more just communities. Works for restorative justice, and to reform juvenile and adult penal systems, to stem the loss of children and adults to families to legal systems and corporate prison facilities that benefit economically from the incarceration of a population which cannot pay the costs of defending their liberty. In Mathew 25, Jesus charges us unambiguously to up this cause.

Volunteer Opportunities: To participate in the ROC taskforce here in Racine or to schedule a presentation for your church or organization, please contact us: Carl Fields (262) 412-5621

Schedule/Location: Intermittent meetings held by Carl Fields at RIC offices. Drop-ins welcomed.

Contact: Carl Fields 262-412-5621 / or Brent Mitchell 262-553-1835

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