Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Meals on Wheels

Purpose: To serve a healthy meal to folks in the Racine community who can’t cook for themselves.

Volunteer Opportunities: Drive a route one or more times a week. Time commitment is about an hour, maybe more depending on the location of your route and the pick up place from your home. Meals are prepared and packed in two containers and ready to go from Kranz, the pick up center.

Schedule/Location: Volunteers will have 8-12 folks to deliver to, which also serves as a check that they are doing ok..some folks like to chat a little more than others. Volunteers can take a weekly route, or can work as a substitute driver for any route.

Contact: Ruth or Tina at 262-898-1370, or contact MPLC member Naomi, at 262-632-8579. She would be happy to talk to anyone about her experience as a long-time Meals on Wheels Driver!

The Meals on Wheels article below was written by Naomi Miller for the December 2012 issue of the Mt Pleasant Spirit Newsletter…

We just experienced our Stewardship Campaign – reminding us how important is to respond to all our blessings by giving of our Time, Talent, and Treasure. 

I have a suggestion for just about one hour of your time per week, where you can give a gift to some shut in folks in our community.  Meals On Wheels is looking for drivers.  Some of the regular drivers are “snowbirds” and head to their warm places for the winter.  Substitute drivers are needed for the winter months.  There’s also a need for regular route drivers each week.  Our church has a regular route on Fridays that needs more drivers, too.  You can drive as many days as you would like.

This volunteer ministry asks that you report to the kitchen of the LLH apartments next to our church, count and load up an oven and cooler of food for 8-12 folks, and head out.  There are some fine folks waiting for us to bring them their lunch and a little conversation.  This stop is also a check that they are doing okay that day.  Some take care of you as much as you are caring for them!

My week wouldn’t be complete without driving my Thursday #4 MOW route.  Please, call MOW at 637-0727 and ask about this awesome way to give of your time to help others in our community.  Or, talk to me at church.

Growing in my faith by serving God, by serving my fellow persons of this community,

Naomi Miller

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