Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Reaching Out

MPLC Reaching Out represents a variety of initiatives that seek to provide services and support to alleviate need both within and outside our community.  To learn more and get involved in volunteer activities, please visit the pages of our ministry groups. Members who are involved with other social ministry organizations are encouraged to contact us to explore partnership with MPLC. Contact MPLC’s  Social Ministry Committee chair, Casey McIntosh at 262-676-9020, with any questions.

It’s not too late to take the Social Ministry Survey!  You can take it at this link:  What might God be calling you to do?

Reaching Out Mission Statement

MPLC Reaching Out is motivated by the compassion of Christ with the guidance of the ELCA Social Statements that have been adopted by the church at Church-Wide Assemblies.  It is an initiative of the MPLC Social Ministry and Faith and Life Committees.  It lives out the mission of our church: Blessed to Welcome, Worship, and Serve.

MPLC Reaching Out includes anything that affects the common good, both acts of charity and promotion of justice. It provides vehicles for advocating on behalf of important issues in the community and around the world.  It also provides a path from confrontation to conversation creating personal and social transformation.

MPLC Reaching Out combines mission with the creation of mutually supporting spiritual communities to carry mission out.  We transform ourselves as we transform our community and our world.  We will:

  • organize small groups with common interests around common goals
  • invite MPLC members into educational opportunities sponsored by these small groups
  • connect MPLC members with these small groups
  • cooperate with others in the community who are already active in these areas
  • encourage members to initiate new groups of interest
  • use our passion for service and justice to evangelize our neighbors on behalf of the gospel

MPLC Reaching Out is a consortium of small groups that seek to provide services and support to alleviate need.  Examples of mission may include:

  • feeding the hungry
  • providing health, housing, and educational support
  • care for creation/environmental preservation
  • advocating for vulnerable populations
  • supporting availability of clean water and sanitation
  • combating loneliness/isolation
  • building inclusive and just communities

MPLC Reaching Out will raise awareness about and promote activities through:

  • articles in the newsletter
  • information on the website
  • outreach to youth groups
  • social media
  • educational opportunities


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