Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Our Congregation in Mission

Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church is making a difference in our community and around the world through the contributions it makes in the lives of others.  Some of these contributions fund projects that greatly improve the quality of people’s lives.  Some of our gifts go for disaster relief or the funding of missions around the world. 

Other contributions are made through the volunteer activity of our members in the community.  Look for this regularly appearing emphasis: Our Congregation in Mission, on our web page and in our newsletter and see the multi-dimensional mission that you help make possible through Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church. 

pdf_icon The Nehemiah Project March 2013

pdf_icon The Nehemiah Project February 2014

pdf_icon The Safe Water Prize January 2014

pdf_icon November 2013 Congregation in Mission

pdf_icon October 2013 Congregation in Mission

pdf_icon September 2013 Congregation in Mission

pdf_icon July 2013 Congregation in Mission

pdf_icon The Nehemiah Project June 2013

pdf_icon An Invitation to use the Mt Pleasant Library May 2013

pdf_icon Botany in the Classroom April 2013

pdf_icon World Water Day March 22 March 2013

pdf_icon Water to Thrive January 2013

pdf_icon  A Gift that’s easy to Give December 2012

Thinking about Food at Mt. Pleasant Sept. 2012

Clean Water and Sanitation Ministry August 2012

MPLC Tutors July 2012

  The Cops N Kids Mission June 2012

  A Retail Mission May 2012

  Master Gardeners in Mission  April 2012

Space Ship Church