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Personal meaning and fulfillment come when we discover and use the gifts that God has given us.  God has a plan for our lives and has gifted us with abilities.  We discover these abilities and gifts best when we are active in the faith community.  These gifts are called forth through a “doing kind of discovery.”  When you think about it, that is the way we have discovered most of our gifts.  We realize them through participation and not merely reflection.  Whenever you become engaged in the church, you are engaged in a process of self-discovery.  When we use these gifts as God intended, our lives take on incredible meaning.

If you have some gifts but aren’t sure how to use them, let’s talk and see where they might fit.   Email Faith and Life Coordinator Holly Hess at

It’s best for us to be moving, so that God might guide our steps.  It’s an act of faith after all.

Possible areas for your involvement in Christ’s Mission can be viewed here:

You can fill out the form and send, fax, scan or bring it to church.

Talent & Treasures Volunteer Form – 465 KB PDF

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