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High School Youth Activities


Youth Trips: Each year we plan and go on a week- long summer trip with our high school youth. Recently, high school students from Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church have traveled to Detroit, St. Paul, Boundary Waters, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Appalachia, San Antonio, Juarez, Mexico and Toronto, Canada. In 2015, our youth went white water canoeing on the Brule River in Northern WI through Camp Amnicon. The summer of 2017 trip was a mission trip to the Adirondack mountains in New York! And 27 of our high school youth traveled to Houston for the 2018 ELCA National Youth Gathering!

Youth Activities: We have various retreats, activities and service projects for HS Youth throughout the year! Find out what they are in our newsletter!

 Summer Trip 2019 Fundraiser: Sharing of the Greens

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Sharing of the Greens at MPLC 2018





2018 ELCA Nation Youth Gathering trip to Houston


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2015 ELCA National Youth Gathering – Detroit



2012 National youth Gathering – NOLA



2011 Youth Trip – Puerto Rico



2010 Toronto Youth Trip


2009 ELCA Youth Gathering – San Antonio


High School Sunday School
High School Sunday School is the place to be between 9:45-10:45 a.m.! Students are invited to explore topics that are interesting and relevant to them during High School Sunday School. We hit on all the hot topics of our time and we struggle with what is our response as Christians. This program is a relaxed, conversation based program. Come and join leaders Pastor Krista, Scott Reske and Laura Kozenski. There is always a plentiful supply of pop tarts, bagels, donuts or other treats, and the fridge is always full of either chocolate milk or Capri Sun!



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