Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church


One can become a member of Mount Pleasant in a variety of ways.  Baptism is entry to the universal Church and if you as an adult or child are baptized here, you also become a member of this congregation.  Since there is one baptism, this church accepts all Christian baptisms as a valid outpouring of God’s grace.

Others become members of this congregation by affirming their baptism and expressing a desire to become active in this congregation.

Others are received through a letter of transfer from other congregations.  These congregations do not need to be Lutheran.

As a member, we hope you participate in the vast array of programs, ministries and serves that are extended to you.

Regardless of whether or not you are member, you are invited to educational offerings,  parish functions, and are always welcomed to receive Holy Communion at Worship.

Becoming a member is not difficult.  We hope you consider this as a step to commit yourself to being part of Christ’s community here.  Church membership is an important step on anyone’s spiritual journey.    Talk with us about your situation and circumstance.   And above all know that you are:  Welcome!

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