Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Our Staff

Stephanie Buchanan, Business Manager

Stephanie Buchanan is responsible for the general business management of the church.  Her main focus is in the areas of finance, human resources, purchasing and building management. Stephanie is married with four children, and has been a member of MPLC since 2007.                                                     

Becky Litwin, Director of Parish Services

Becky has been a member of MPLC since 2008. She is married and has two children. Becky’s responsibilities include Volunteer Coordination, Reception, Secretarial, and Hospitality.

Julie Rossman, Director of Communications

Julie Rossman serves Mt. Pleasant as the Director of Communications. She has a degree in journalism and has worked as a freelance writer and photographer for 17 years. She enjoys using these skills for her work on the church newsletter, facebook, the website, special bulletin covers, the narthex bulletin board and other publications. Julie will be happy to help you when she answers the phone, or she’ll point you in the right direction. Julie is married to Gary and they have three sons.

Rebecca Cairns, Director of Youth Education

Rebecca has been a member of MPLC since 2012. Previously she as the congregation’s church secretary. Becca brings her enthusiasm, vision, creativity and organizational skills to this crucial ministry. Becca is married and has three children.  In 2017, she graduated from the synod’s two year Lay Theological Education Program: Diaconia.

Holly Hess, Dir. of Faith & Life

Holly Hess is the “Director of Faith and Life.” Holly helps people of all ages develop relationships within the congregation, explore ways to enrich our personal faith life, and enjoy an active relationship with God through Jesus Christ. She especially enjoys welcoming visitors and helping newer members feel at home in this faith community. Holly is deeply fulfilled when using her experiences and gifts through her work in the church and welcomes the chance to help you do the same. Holly especially enjoys exploring her faith through writing. She is a contributor to the “Word in Season,” a devotional publication and author of the Faith & Life blog on this website. Holly is married and has four children.

Michael Becker, Organist/Accompanist

Michael Becker is our organist/pianist/accompanist and director of musical ensembles. Educated at Lawrence University, Michael has been in music his entire life. Michael is a master at improvisation and also composes/arranges music for worship. He can do wonders with the John-Paul Buzard’s organ, dedicated in 2006. The organ was specially designed for Mount Pleasant and its warm tone greatly enhances our worship life.

Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli, Sr. Choir Director

Dr. Eduardo Garcia-Novelli is Mount Pleasant’s Senior Choir Director. Eduardo has built a choir that numbers about 50 members. As an associate professor of music, and the Director of the Carthage Choir, Eduardo brings his incredible gifts to this congregation. Due to Eduardo’s leadership and engaging personality, the choir is an opportunity for fun, education, and faith building. Everyone who is eager to make a “joyful noise” to the Lord is welcome at choir. No matter what level your music education may be, from not reading music, to being a music professional, this choir will grow you. Simply contact the church office for more details.

Susan Cawley, Assistant Organist/Pianist


Susan Cawley Assistant organist/pianist. Sue taught music education in Racine for 36 years. In addition to filling in on Sundays, Sue usually plays for the Saturday Night worship where we appreciate her worshipful, reflective piano music and unique hymn arrangements.

Greg Schroeder, Bell Choir Director


Dave Fanelli, Meal Coordinator

Rick Sill, Sexton / Custodial Work






Kim Haigh, Volunteer Cherub Choir Director


Kim faithfully leads our littlest singers, the cherub choir, as a volunteer.  The cherub choir meets in the fall and winter months and is for children 3 years old through 1st grade.

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