Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Coffee at Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant offers the freshest coffee anywhere from the finest micro-lots of beans from around the world.  Each Sunday members attending coffee hour get to experience a new coffee.  Pastor David Echelbarger brought his coffee hobby to MPLC and would roast specially for Mount Pleasant each and every week. Pastor Dave retired in June of 2017, however during his time here, he mentored a number of members on the art of roasting coffee.  We are pleased that Curt Hubmann has agreed to roast for us on Sunday mornings!  Most of the coffees served at MPLC are exceedingly hard to get and custom roasted to bring forth a cup of coffee with a wide variety of flavors that is meant to be experienced.  Flavor profiles are provided each week.  Most people have never had a truly fresh cup of coffee, since once roasted, coffee quality starts declining.  Visit coffee hour and taste something new in your cup, specially prepared for this congregation.

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Pastor David Echelbarger, above

FullSizeRender roasting 4 Roasting 3 roasting 2 roasting 1

Curt Hubmann, above, with pictures of his coffee roasting process

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