Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church


About Our Building

St. Saucer, Spaceship Church, Pancake Parish – we’ve heard it all.  Visitors and community members are often curious about the non-traditional design of our church building.  We welcome the curious and are happy to answer questions and show folks around.

The church at 1700 South Green Bay Road was designed by architects Helmut Ajango and Gene La Muro and was built in 1975.  While it might not look like the usual church, it is filled with Christian symbolism.

The round shape of the church and the metal exterior brackets around the building are designed to represent the crown of thorns Jesus wore. Many things in the structure are done in threes, reflecting the Holy Trinity. One example is the three entryways to the building, another is the three simple crosses that rise from the altar, through the ceiling and into the sky above the church.

The circle in the round design of the sanctuary allows the altar and built-in stone baptismal font behind it to be the center of the sanctuary, so all seating focuses on the means of grace – the water and the word. The circular altar rail proclaims our unity in faith.

Our John-Paul Buzard organ makes a visual and musical contribution to our worship space.

The lower levels consist of a kitchen, nursery, fellowship hall, and meeting room.  You will also find the educational wing including classrooms and a library.

The church is connected by a series of accessible ramps.

More important than being an interesting space, the church is a busy place!  Something is going on at MPLC every day of the week.  Many community organizations hold meetings in our church, walkers from the congregation and the greater community use our building for ramp-walking workouts. Education, music, fellowship and planning opportunities bring our members here on a regular basis.

Our shape may set us apart but what really shapes us is the presence of the Holy Spirit – alive and active in this place. So come in, explore, and see what we’re all about!

Space Ship Church