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Why So Cold?

March 18th, 2014 by Pastor David Echelbarger

Why So Cold?

            I should have felt warm yesterday.  After experiencing such a cold winter the mercury climbed to a “balmy” 35 degrees. 

            “I am freezing today,” I said to my wife yesterday.  “I don’t know why I am so cold.  It seems actually colder today than yesterday when it was but 17 degrees.”

            “Me too.” She replied.  “I can’t believe how cold I feel today.”  At that point she looked me over.  Even an M.R.I. cannot do a more thorough scan of me.  “I know why you are cold.  You are not dressed as warm as the day before.”

            At that point I looked at her.  “Neither are you.”  I said.

            When we think life warms up, we may become lackadaisical in our preparations.  Pain in any form has a way of driving us to our knees in prayer.  But as soon as we feel a bit sunny inside, we relax and fail to dress ourselves in the warmth God provides.

            Today was different.  After reading morning devotions, I dressed warmer, and so did my wife.  It will be a wonderful 43 today – and because we are prepared,  we will fully enjoy it.  Dress yourself in the presence of God.  It will chase chill from your bones no matter what the external temperature.

Pastor David L. Echelbarger

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