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Nourish – A Lenten Devotion

March 10th, 2014 by Pastor David Echelbarger


“How are you?” I asked him. 

“Alive and able to take nourishment.” He replied.

“How are you?” I ask.

“Alive and able to take nourishment.” You reply.

            Taking nourishment is a condition of living.  How are we being nourished? My phone blips.  It is a text from Dennis and Carol Barkow as they cruise into Burnt Store Marina on their Great Loop adventure which has them sailing their boat, Reunion, from Racine down river systems to the Gulf, then out into the Atlantic, through the Great Lakes and eventually home a year later.  We had hoped to catch up with them at Burnt Store because a good friend of mine and his wife live there in the winter – but it didn’t work out.  I will have to look for nourishment elsewhere. 

            The phone blipped again.  It is a photo and text from my daughter-in-law and the latest sayings of granddaughter Audrey.  I miss them, but am nurtured by the text and my spirit lifts.

            Life is being able to take nourishment and if one meal doesn’t turn out, we must look to another. 

            There is one meal, however, that is always there and never disappoints.  We gather around the table – that is what our altar is, a table.  It is set with vessels.  It is filled with bread and wine, and it becomes for us the presence of Jesus.  My not quite three-year-old grandson has communed twice at MPLC.  It has made an impression on him.  He gives communion to his parents and tells them to say: “Amen.”  He has said, perhaps remembering the words of his grandmother, that “communion is when Jesus comes into your heart.” 

            To be truly alive is to be nourished at the table of our Lord through communion, and through the experience of the Word made flesh in our lives. 

            Join together with your brothers and sisters of the faith on a Lenten Journey of nourishment. 

            How are you?




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