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Questions on this morning’s run

October 4th, 2012 by Pastor David Echelbarger

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Questions on This Morning’s Run

I just returned from a grouse and woodcock hunting trip in the wild reaches of the U.P.  This morning I went for a run and as I turned up the road to my house, a familiar smell transported me into a state of joy.  What was it?  Nothing less than the smell of the grouse woods – in Racine, Wisconsin!

My dogs will ride quietly in the back of my truck for hours, but the moment they smell the grouse woods they start barking their fool heads off.   Now I knew what that smell was: decaying leaves.  Who would have thought that decaying leaves could bring such joy to man and dog alike?   Who would have thought one can find joy in the smell of death?  Who would have thought that life could come from a cross?

Pastor Dave

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