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Authentic Yooper Certification Conveyed to Pastor Dave

June 27th, 2011 by Pastor David Echelbarger

In the June newsletter, Pastor Dave wrote about his grandson’s, John Grover Rector, birth.  In it he bemoaned the fact that he was never given an honorary Yooper certificate even though he lived in the U.P. for 16 years.  John Grover Rector, however, was born in the U.P. and then could be what his grandfather never could: an authentic Yooper.  You can read about it the June 2011 newsletter.

Pastor Dave sent a copy to the Scanlon’s, members of his former parish, in the U.P.  Here is their response:

Hi Dave,

We enjoyed your article.  Congrats on the birth of your grandson, an authentic Yooper, lucky guy!  We did a lot of thinking about why you were never awarded “Honorary Yooper” and wanted to share our reasons with you.  Be sure to read to the bottom (we know you will).

We were ready to give you Yooper status but:

When we took you to the Butler Theatre you complained about not finding 4 good seat cushions in a row.

Soon afterward:

We noticed you didn’t fully embrace the state of Michigan when we saw you flying the green and gold flag.

We thought you might earn it:

When you put a sauna in your basement only to find out that it was electric, not wood.

You were so close when:

You invited us all to your house for Oktoberfest.  The brats, beans and brownies were good but where was the pasty?

We were positive you were going to earn it:

When you moved out on 510.  But, then we heard you were sneaking into Marquette for some culture.

Oh, so close:

When you continued to drink our coffee. But, we caught on to how you were trying to expose us to the rest of the world with those coffee beans.

For sure it was yours:

When you were proud to drive around in Pastor Rudy’s truck but instead of adding more duct tape, you had to buy a newer one.

We gave you another chance:

And took you fishing on Rocking Chair Lake in June during a snowstorm.  Yet, you got stuck in waist deep mud and had to be helped out.

On your own merit we thought you had it:

But in checking out your CD collection we didn’t find “The Jack Pine Savage” by Da Yoopers.

Even the congregation wanted you to earn Yooper status:

So they did a critical review of your last 3 sermons.  The content was Biblically sound but not once did they hear the word, “eh”.

So Dave,

It took a small child, your grandchild, to earn you the status of “Honorary Yooper”.  You see, Dave. You couldn’t do it on your own.  It was the miracle of a child.  You now have “Yooper blood” in your family.


We bestow upon you the status of “Honorary Yooper”.

Watch for your certificate in the mail. It may take awhile as the mail truck only comes through once a week.

Your friends and Authentic Yoopers (this makes it valid),

Walter and Connie

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