Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church

Snowbound, Nearly

February 1st, 2011 by Pastor David Echelbarger

The word about the coming snow storm traveled as fast as an icicle falls from the roof.  Immediately, people began to anticipate their normal lives being interrupted.  Far from panic, it seemed as though folks welcomed a break from the routine, where they had little choice but to hole up, put a log on the fire, have a cup of coffee, or make something special for breakfast.

            While living in the U.P. being snowed in was a fairly common occurrence.   It took more than 11 inches of snow to do the trick, but 24 would usually have the schools locking the doors.  Christine, my wife, your pastor, loved snow days.  She rejoiced in them and wondered why I lacked some of her enthusiasm.  My “problem” was that I had to go out and face the snow.  Sixteen U.P. winters, I faced a 640 foot driveway and often 300 inches or more of snow per year, with a 10 horse-power walk-behind snow blower.  Only in the final year of my perpetual whining did I get a tractor with a heated cab.  It was not uncommon to take over five hours to deal with a 24-inch snow fall.  My tractor reduced it to one and a half.  Moreover, I was inside, drinking coffee watching the snow rocket away from the driveway courtesy of my 54-inch slow blower!  Yippee!

            Now the coming snow will take some time to remove, plus I help out my neighbors, but it will be a long way short of five hours.  So I might actually get to experience what it means to be snowed in.  There is something delightful when the weather outside is frightful. Why?  The world is stopping in its tracks.  People are flooding to the grocery stores.  People are anticipating.  People are focused.  They are getting ready.  They will do something new. They are planning their next twenty-four hours as if they really matter.  Something is going to happen and it has us ready and waiting.


            Routine can be a killer.  Everyday life can drain life out of us like a flash light left on in the closet. But He interrupts this life to bring us an important message:  the realm of God has come in Jesus.  This will completely change your reality, the way you see things, the way you relate to other people, the way you see your life unfolding.  The routine of everydayness is broken to reveal a life ever new.  It would be good for us, as the quilt of white tucks us in our homes, to open our lives to this realm of God.  It will deliver us from the same old, same old, with the ever new experience of loving grace.  Your future is with God.  And it will last and last, long after the snow from this storm is swept out to the Lake.

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