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You Can’t “Outgive” God

November 17th, 2010 by Holly Hess

The fliers from toy stores and “toy lands” within stores have started to arrive in our mailbox daily.  My children are thrilled and, admittedly, these mailing do have their advantages.  Give them a pen and they are entertained for hours, circling and writing their names across everything they would love to have. Do you know how much laundry I can get done with the help of just one flier?  Laundry aside, I don’t really want to play into the level of commercialism that threatens my Christmas sanity every year.

 I love the holidays – the baking, decorating, singing, and celebrating.  It’s the gift buying piece that often leaves me feeling deflated.  I want to ensure every gift I give conveys a feeling of love and appreciation to the people on my shopping list.  The truth is, it’s hard to buy that.  So begins my annual, Christmastime struggle.

 I have visions of watching our children bound down the staircase with thrills of delight on Christmas morning, finding the perfect gift under the tree. That’s what happens in the commercials, after all.  And what will I get my mother or my husband to show them how dear they are to me and how much I appreciate them?  Can a gift certificate say that?  And so it goes… making the list, changing it twice. 

What I really want to give the people I love are the same things that I want at Christmas.  The lingering feeling of warmth that only Christmas can bring, a true sense of comfort and joy, an appreciation for the important things like family and friends, a feeling of peace that starts at the holidays and lasts all year.  These are the gifts that really keep on giving, that sustain us not just for a few weeks but for a lifetime.

 You won’t find that featured in any flier.  Nope.  You’ll only find that in the manger.

 God really did give us the greatest gift.  His gift of divine love gives us everything we could ever want or need.  This year, as Christmas (or at least “Black Friday”) fast approaches, let go of your lists and embrace the everlasting gift that is Jesus.  No earthly gift will ever compare.  No matter what the commercials try to tell us, we simply can’t outgive God – and his gift is already ours.

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