Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church


September 30th, 2010 by Holly Hess

If you’re looking at our website, you’re probably a person connected or looking to connect with church life in some way. Browsing through web pages let’s us investigate, explore and feel things out. We can connect from a distance or dig in deeper depending on our needs and comfort level.

Whatever your reasons, I’m glad you’re here.

Maybe you’re a member of Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church exploring our new website. Cool, huh?

Maybe you have visited our church and want to learn more about us and what happens around here. Be our guest!

Maybe you’re thinking about stopping by, coming for a specific event, or looking to join a church. You will be welcomed with open arms and open minds.

Maybe you’re seeking peace or comfort, shelter from a storm. Let this be a place of refuge for you.

Maybe you’ve never known God but would like to. God would love that.

We’re all drawn here for reason that are different, and, at the same time, similar. Our diversity connects us rather than separates us.

At Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church, we are a people of faith. However, our life stories and faith development aren’t the same. As the Faith and Life Director, I want you to know that wherever you are on your personal faith journey or in your own life, God is with you.

At Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church we recognize that our faith shapes our lives and our lives shape our faith. We offer programs and support to help you live your best and most faith-filled life.

We believe that when our faith lives and our everyday lives are deeply connected, our view of the world can take on a whole new perspective. A greater awareness of God’s involvement in our lives helps us to see more clearly, walk more confidently, trust more easily, love more deeply and be more at peace. Those are just some of God’s gifts to the faithful – understanding, confidence, trust, love and peace.

I enjoy sharing my faith and what a difference it has made, in big and small ways, in my life. Do you want to talk about, explore, or expand yours? Let’s connect! I would be blessed to be a part of your journey!

Connected through Christ,


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