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How To Eat Ice Cream

September 30th, 2010 by Pastor David Echelbarger

I endeavor to be a healthy eater. Being a good steward of one’s body means eating
foods that will nourish and not kill us. Even so, there are exceptions. A former
dentist, decrying the problems that sugars can cause in dental care, was also known
to say: “Of course sometimes we need to eat ice cream for medicinal purposes.”

I once made a less destructive carrot cake that had about a third less calories of the
original decadent cakes. I was tempted just now to write the words: “healthy carrot
cake,” but it certainly wasn’t that — it was just not as deadly. Frankly, it tasted like card
board with Philadelphia cream cheese frosting. I decided then and there that when I
was going to have dessert, I was going off the wagon completely and thoroughly enjoy
the experience. The key is to remember to get on the wagon. Dessert is, after all not
a staple, but a dessert. Besides, if you stay off the wagon too long, it will leave you

Anyway, back to ice cream for medicinal purposes. It is not enough to eat ice cream.
It’s enjoyment is based physiologically on savoring ice cream. And so, be sure to eat
your ice cream, whenever possible, from a cone.

It was surprising to read a piece on ice cream in “Eating Well Magazine: Where Good
Taste Meets Good Health,” so I took note, hoping beyond hope that they were finding
that ice cream was the new miracle food that will keep you fit, be low in calories,
provide an increase in cognition and perhaps even be declared a vegetable, but no.
Eating ice cream remains an off the wagon experience – which is to be savored.

Eating Well says that licking ice cream (no biting – allowed!) is more satisfying than
eating it with a spoon. Apparently the flavor in ice cream is released when the fat is
warmed to body temperature. The tongue fully uncovers the flavor by warming the fats.
A spoon, on the other hand, actually insulated the ice cream. If you are going off the
wagon, it is best to savor the experience.

We gulp our way through life. All things worth remembering are best experienced when
warmed by our personal experiences, life story and faith. The spiritual depth of our being
is uncovered when we slow down and stop choking time down like it was bad medicine.
Rather, let life linger – like ice cream on the tongue – and allow it to release its full flavor – the flavor of God.

Take some time with this column — scoop it on a cone – and you will find a life that is
not only calorie free – but will put you right on the wagon of spiritual nourishment. Join
the journey.

And order your ice cream by the cone.

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